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The idea behind Google Authorship seemed extremely promising when it patented Agent Rank/Author Rank back in 2007. The idea was to influence page rankings based on the reputation of its authors by using digital signatures. So, trusted agents would receive a higher score than someone who hadn’t yet earned their stripes.

This was just an idea until June 2011. During this time Google began to encourage webmasters to use the rel=”author” and rel=”me” tags for pieces of content that an author wrote. When Google+ was unveiled, the entire Google Authorship plan came together is there was a way to connect content with its authors.

Within the first year, the experiment seemed promising.Searchmetrics found that 17% of SERPs were showing the rel=author tag, which was higher than expected. Unfortunately, Authorship didn’t take off as expected.

Stone Temple Consulting discovered in a recent study that 70% of authors made no effort in connecting their content with authorship. In addition to that staggering figure, out of 150 pages sampled, 50 did not have author pages, while ¾ gave no attribution to an author. Furthermore, there were issues with confusing authors and containing no links to Google+ profiles.

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Japan Unveils World’s First Android Newscaster

Worlds First Android Newscaster

Japan, as it seems, has always been in the forefront of robotics, and they recently unveiled the world’s first android newscaster.

The android newscaster named Kodomoroid, developed under the supervision of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, has taken the world by storm. Mr. Ishiguro says the android newscaster he has developed has perfect language skills and even sports a sense of humor. The aim for…

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Customer Service Diploma – Free Online Course

Customer Service Form

Providing excellent customer service is essential to the long term viability of every business. This free ALISON online Diploma course introduces the fundamental elements of customer service and explains how they can be applied in any organization. Following this, it describes how a business can develop its customer service program to the highest level. This course also details the role of…

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Virtual-Reality Tech Helps Treat PTSD in Soldiers

scene from the game "Full Spectrum Warrior"

Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) could gain some relief from a new virtual-reality program, new research suggests.

The simulated environment, which lets members of the military “relive” their traumatic experiences in a computer-game environment, has shown success in several early studies, researchers said in a talk Thursday (Aug. 7) at the annual meeting of the…

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Kenyatta launches virtual learning ‘Anywhere School’ – University World News

Kenyatta University

Kenyatta University has become the first in East Africa to have a fully-fledged digital school, offering a wide range of courses through virtual and open learning. A free tablet uploaded with course materials for every student is expected to be a huge drawcard.

The university has transformed its former virtual learning centre, a low key and little known learning facility, into a fully…

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Teaching Is Not a Business

Elementary school classroom

Today’s education reformers believe that schools are broken and that business can supply the remedy. Some place their faith in the idea of competition. Others embrace disruptive innovation, mainly through online learning. Both camps share the belief that the solution resides in the impersonal, whether it’s the invisible hand of the market or the transformative power of technology.


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Social media has a bevy of naysayers, with much to complain about. Some gripe it’s too impersonal, too shallow, and too much of a time waster. The business side of the non-believers have always touted it’s not quantifiable, and doesn’t positively impact anyone’s bottom line.
Sure, there’s some truth to the flaws in social media. Yet the conglomeration of social networks now account for over 28 percent of online usage; that’s exponentially powerful. Marketers have proven that crafty social media campaigns can change a company’s reach and profits over night. Social is an undeniable force.
Because of its prevalence, there’s no lack of tools, apps, and software to help elevate your reach and simplify the process. Sites like HootSuite, which helps automate your blasts and coordinate them throughout all the major networks, have become social must-haves. But there’s a bundle of new players in the space that can help turn your social efforts from lackluster to profit powerhouses. Here are a few that deserve a closer look.

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A little video gaming ‘linked to well-adjusted children’

Video-gaming; From Wikimedia Commons; Author: Magnus Fröderberg

Video-gaming; From Wikimedia Commons; Author: Magnus Fröderberg

Playing video games for a short period each day could have a small but positive impact on child development, a study by Oxford University suggests.

Scientists found young people who spent less than an hour a day engaged in video games were better adjusted than those who did not play at all. But children who used consoles for more…

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Is this the future of parenting?

Sproutling Baby Monitor

Babies are unpredictable, messy and constantly changing. Sleep-deprived parents struggling to make sense of their tiny humans’ behaviors are starting to take a scientific approach, collecting data in the hopes of solving problems like not sleeping through the night.

Ankle monitors are typically associated with criminals on house arrest, but the latest gadget for this generation of tech-saturated…

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Semantic Search is Changing SEO Forever

World Wide Web Around Google

From Wikimedia Commons

Moving goalposts is a familiar sporting analogy often applied to the world of SEO. You take aim, prepare to kick, only to find that Google has moved the target. With the continuing development of semantic search Google is not only moving the posts to a completely different pitch, the rules of the game you’re playing could be fundamentally changing too.

In the old world of…

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