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Author: Stewart Marshall - Emeritus Professor of educational technology, social network junky, infopreneur and coffee addict.
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LinkedIn for patient communities, HealthUnlocked, expands to U.S.


The rise of patient communities have taken root on the borderless geography of the Internet. But there are so many that some companies have spotted an opportunity to organize them to better direct would-be users. HealthUnlocked is a UK-based healthcare startup that likens itself to LinkedIn for healthcare. It’s successfully attracted users in the U.S., so much so that it has expanded to include…

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A new wave of e-textbooks is giving students more than just words and a few hotlinks on a digital page. Publishers over the last few years have been adding video, interactive maps and gamified quizzes designed to engage students more deeply in their learning.

“Think of it as making the textbook a hands-on activity,” says Andrew Miller, an ASCD faculty member and technology expert. “It’s making the content come to life in a way that meets the needs of different learners—auditory learners, visual leaders, text-based learners.”

The latest e-textbooks, developed by traditional publishers as well as new players like Discovery Education, are powered by a host of adaptive features, such as adjustable levels of difficulty and instant translation into other languages. And in some districts, teachers are using platforms like Apple’s iBooks to create their own digital course materials.

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Personalized Learning: Schools without Classrooms

Vittra runs 30 schools in Sweden and wants learning to take place everywhere in its schools, so it threw out the “old-school” thinking of straight desks in a line in a four-walled classroom. They eliminated all of its classrooms in favor of an environment that fosters children’s “curiosity and creativity.” The schools are…

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25 years of Elmer the elephant

One day Elmer, the patchwork elephant, decided he’d had enough. The uninteresting-looking grey elephants with whom he lived at the river had been teasing him for his dazzling skin of many colours.

The Effect of Using XO Computers on Students’ Mathematics and Reading Abilities

One Laptop Per Child: Mongolia

A photo series from Carla Gomez Monroy in the capital of Mongolia
From Wikimedia Commons; Author: One Laptop per Child

The Effect of Using XO Computers on Students’ Mathematics and Reading Abilities: Evidences from Learning Achievement Tests Conducted in Primary Education Schools in Mongolia

Shinobu Yamaguchi, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Javzan Sukhbaatar, Institute of Finance and…

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Introduction to SlideTalk - Masters and PhDs

A slidetalk video is a video made by playing a Powerpoint file or a sequence of still pictures (slides) each with a description that is read out aloud by a text-to-speech engine.

ICT and Instructional Innovation: The Case of Crescent Girls’ School in Singapore – Masters and PhDs

This paper describes a global professional development program called 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD), which helps teachers design academic lessons that integrate opportunities for students to develop 21st Century competencies in a variety of dimensions such as collaboration, knowledge construction, and the powerful use of ICT for learning.

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Ryan and Veronica wanted to cancel their Comcast internet service. As any of us would do, Veronica called the Comcast customer service number. And, as everyone expects these days, she was immediately shunted to “customer retention”. After 10 minutes of frustation, she handed the phone off to Ryan who went an additional eight minutes – but he recorded it.

You don’t have to listen to the whole thing, 30 seconds is plenty. …

Service reps never have insane conversations like this unless the culture of the company forces them to. I, for one, would love to see the metrics that their call center tracks. I would wager that this rep’s salary is directly impacted by the number of cancellations that happen on his shift – even in situations where he is helpless to effect any change. And he certainly has a checklist and a script that he is accountable to. Why was he so adament about finding out why the customer was cancelling service to the point of ludicrous bullying and harrassment? Because the script says he has to or his wages will be docked. (And, most likely, his supervisor’s pay will be impacted too.)

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Digital Health Decision Making for Families

Digital health management

As a pediatric subspecialist physician, I have the privilege of working with the most engaged of healthcare consumers: mothers. No other sector of the population is as motivated and armed with online healthcare research when they bring their children to see me, which is both incredibly challenging and exciting to witness. As advocates for their children, they are rightfully demanding about the…

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