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ROYTEC Joins VUSSC and Embraces OER

photograph of COL-ROYTEC staff

COL Vice President, Mr. Vis Naidoo (front centre, right), visited Mr. Earl Browne,
ROYTEC Executive Director (front centre, left), and his staff when in Port of Spain
earlier this year

In August 2103, the School of Business and Applied Studies Limited (ROYTEC), at the University of the West Indies, signed a memorandum of understanding for a partnership with the Virtual University for Small States…

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Sustaining a Nepali Telecenter: An Ethnographic Study Using Activity Theory

Village seen from Dhulikhel, Nepal

Village seen from Dhulikhel, Nepal
From Wikimedia Commons; Author: Ananta Bhadra Lamichhane from Kathmandu, Nepal

Sustaining a Nepali Telecenter: An Ethnographic Study Using Activity Theory Authors:
Jeffrey Chih-Yih Lee, Azusa Pacific University
Paul Sparks, Pepperdine University

While advances have made it possible for the average Nepali to access mobile phones, computers, and digital cameras,…

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This paper looks at ten guiding principles that are shaping the work of an online module development project for training inservice teachers in Jordan. These principles for designing online modules can be effectively applied to a variety of cross-national collaborations for a wide range of settings.

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Sociotechnical Narratives in Rural, High-Poverty Elementary Schools

Sociotechnical Narratives in Rural, High-Poverty Elementary Schools: Comparative Findings from East Texas and South India Author: Erik Jon Byker, Stephen F.

How to restrict access to iTunes, App Store, and iBooks with parental controls for iPhone and iPad

Ipad securityBefore letting a child or teenager loose with an iPhone or iPad, you may decide that you don’t want them to be able to purchase content without your consent. If blocking in-app purchases isn’t enough, you can completely limit their access to the App Store, iTunes, and iBooks through restrictions. This way they can’t purchase any content without asking.

How to block access to iTunes, App Store,…

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#empireavenue  Getting greater traction for your business is all about content marketing these days. And that means lots of sharing on social networks. But the problem for small businesses is that their own social networks can be rather small. So how can you get a greater reach and a greater audience for your content – and hence for your business?

Of course, you could pay to get Facebook or LinkedIn to promote your posts, or you could pay for Twitter to promote your tweets. But as I found to my cost, your limited budget is soon exhausted by each of these options. A far better proposition is to run “missions” on Empire Avenue in order to get greater exposure for your content.

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During the summer the IT department at your school may have been working to update the technology infrastructure in your school. At the same time, the developers of many of your favorite apps and services were working hard to update what you can do with technology in your classroom. Here are ten popular services that were updated over the summer.:

Remind 101



Storyboard That






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Ten Guiding Principles for Designing Online Modules that Involve International Collaborations

Ten Guiding Principles for Designing Online Modules that Involve International Collaborations Authors: David S Porcaro, Seward Incorporated…